At Linguis International we provide education of the highest standard and quality in a supportive and professional environment.Our campuses are situated in Auckland and also in Christchurch city alongside restaurants, cafés and shopping malls.


Linguis International was founded in 1996 as a specialist school, more suited to people who are serious about learning.


We deliver world class education within a unique and rewarding learning experience. We apply the same “nothing but the best” philosophy to the delivery of our teaching and learning programs. In addition, we have close co-operation and formal agreements that has been developed with polytechnics/universities/colleges for further staircase study options. We pride ourselves on the quality of our teaching and program. All of our Business Diploma and English courses are approved by the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA) and Linguis International is accredited to teach them. Our ideal small class size means that our students get much more personal attention than is usually the case. We produce a unique personalised study plan for each student and guide them through it in a way that helps them maximize their learning potential.


We have strong support systems in place to ensure the quality of the time our students spend with us and to address any problems should they arise. We employ a great variety of teaching and learning techniques and strategies to help our students achieve the best possible results from their study investment in New Zealand.


We invite you to take advantage of these unique and highly beneficial learning opportunities. We look forward to providing you with a world class education as you commence and undertake your journey towards a successful career or business.

The Mission of Linguis International is:

  • ● To provide a professional and stimulating environment in which to teach and learn
  • ● To provide the opportunity to learn and practise contemporary adult-teaching techniques
  • ● To provide students with a stimulating environment in which to maximise their learning potential and achieve their
        academic goals
  • ● To facilitate closer interaction and understanding amongst people with different languages and cultures so as to
        enrich their lives and help create a harmonious multi-cultural society
  • ● To provide students with a pathway to employment



 “To be a recognised professionally managed international provider of training and education, which actively promotes quality in education and enhances harmony amongst people of different cultures.”



The goals and objectives are:

  • ● To provide training, courses and seminars of the highest quality
  • ● To provide facilities and equipment to a high standard, conducive for learning
  • ● To communicate in a positive and supportive way
  • ● To engender a spirit of co-operation and equality regardless of language, race, nationality, culture, gender, religion,     disability or age
  • ● To promote multi-cultural understanding and harmony
  • ● To introduce international students to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi; New Zealand being a bi-cultural nation


Linguis International aims to live up to our motto of being “Learning To Succeed!”