Choosing where to study abroad is a big decision for students and their families, and most receive information and advice from an education agent in their home country before making this decision. Linguis International works with educational representatives from all over the world to recruit students for many of our programs.


It is our pleasure to work with educational agents and they are very helpful for many of our students as they can learn more information about our programs and be oriented to what life will be like in New Zealand. We appreciate all of the work that our agents do for us, and hope to maintain strong relationships with them.


Linguis International is continually seeking educational agents from several countries. If you would like to work with Linguis International and are a member of a professional organisation you will enjoy preferred agency status. Please forward your details to Linguis International, including a company profile, a reference from another College or University that you have sent students to and any other relevant information about your experience in this field.