Linguis has a number of key strategier  and professional associations to assist its students to find meaningful and immigration friendly jobs. Together we can make the most of your studies with us.


Linguis’  Diplomas in Business can give you access to a world of opportunities for future employment.  It can create the opportunity to set up and own your own business.  Also a Diploma allows you to find skilled employment to apply for NZ resident visa or to meet the criteria for setting up a business so that you can apply for a long term business visa, and then residence under the investor category. There is no other qualification that gives such a broad range of opportunities for individual advancement, for a rewarding career, or the chance to be your own boss!


It’s not difficult to see why Linguis International Institute has chosen to offer  the  Diplomas in Business. They are  a truly outstanding qualification that meets the needs of today’s international citizens of the future!