Linguis International has a clear governance (Board of Directors) and management (Management Team) structure, with clear strategic and operational management responsibilities.

Board of Directors

  • Mae Mei Ding
  • Mike Dawson



The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance.  Its members also oversee the development and review of the Business Plan. Both Directors actively promotes a culture of evaluation and intellectual climate among management and staff. Essential to the success of such a culture is the active and decisive commitment of all members of the institute. Under the governance of both Mae and Mike Dawson, it has taken just over a decade to establish Linguis Institute as one of New Zealand’s leading PTE. They have accomplish this by striving to be the best, bringing together motivating and internationally-respected business teachers from different countries in a surrounding that combines Middle Earth breathtaking beauty with modern facilities.


Linguis Institute students come here from more than 6 different countries and they choose Linguis Institute because they seek to accomplish the best that they can. Under the governance of Mae & Mike Dawson, Linguis Institute will continue to invest in the highest quality teaching staff and facilities, and equally committed to ensuring students leave Linguis as well as New Zealand had a great time, with all the skills and knowledge they need to build stimulating and rewarding careers.



The day to day management of Linguis International is the responsibility of the Principal and Management Team. They also develop and execute the Marketing Plan, ensuring that it is compatible with the Business Plan. Linguis Institute has an uplifting academic belief, something which is not possible without the reinforcement of numerous devoted and skilled staff at all levels. The well-organised systems put in place by the administrative department are beneficial to the efficiency of the institution. The capability and perseverance of the staff within academic departments contributes to an energetic and dynamic Institute.


Our Staff

Linguis International employs a variety of qualified academic and non-academic staff with the necessary skills and experience best suited for the job, to achieve the organization’s objectives and to provide an efficient framework for the functioning of the institute. Linguis International has recruited and maintained highly qualified academic staff for all levels of Diploma and English programs. Both Auckland and Christchurch campus boasts a profile of PhD holder tutors at the helm of teaching and learning on each level of National Diploma. Furthermore, each tutor is enhancing students’ learning experience by focusing on their expert knowledge and invaluable academics know-how within their specialised subjects.


The reliance between administration staff and academic staff is a contributing factor for Linguis International to enjoy the success of balancing act of live and learn. Linguis International staffs assessing unit standard based courses are skilled in standards based assessment prior to undertaking assessments and they have relevant qualifications or evidence of equivalent experience to a level higher than they are teaching. Business diplomas teaching staff holds a minimum of bachelors degree in the relevant subject area(s) and have experience and qualifications in adult education. ESOL/EFL teaching staffs have experience and qualifications in teaching ESOL/EFL or their equivalent. Administration staff hold relevant qualifications and experience in tertiary education setting within an international environment. Linguis is committed to encourage and to assist any staff who would like to gain formal recognition of adult teaching and learning expertise.