At Linguis, our student management committee, formed from class representatives are involved in planning and organising activities based on survey feedback from students on desired activities. In September, to celebrate the beginning of spring the students went on a mystery bus tour to a secret location in the countryside for a day of “kiwi” style games.

9 September 2013

Linguis management and staff would like to warmly welcome all new and returning students as well as new staff to Linguis in 2014. We look forward to helping our students achieve their goals and dreams this year. Many Linguis graduates have told us that their successful careers were helped by studying at our school. When asked what helped them

8 February 2014

Linguis invited the New Zealand Police to provide a presentation on Road Safety and Cultural Awareness to students at the Christchurch campus. Police Constable Marie Froud a Youth Education Officer, spoke to students about the importance of road safety during the winter months and the wearing of turbans instead of bicycle helmets.

8 March 2014

On the 25th April, New Zealanders remembered all the young lives loss in wars fought overseas. Linguis students visited the local Wigram Air Force museum, which has many wartime displays from World War I and World War II.

25 April 2014

At Linguis International Institute we have many star performers in the classroom. This story is about one of those stars Wu Nanhui , (or Nancy, as we all know her,).
Kate her English tutor tells us the following story…

31 May 2014