Joining Linguis is the best thing that had happened to me in the last year or so. Studying at Linguis is an experience in itself. Learning new things from morning till night, day in and day out, for 12 months, is a boon for any aspiring student. Linguis is world class and offers the student an in-depth view on various managerial know-how. I feel, the kind of exposure I got from Linguis was phenomenal .The exposure was not only limited to the boundaries of academics but was much beyond that. This helped me realise my business skills. Guest faculty and guest lectures gave us very good insight All I can say is that Linguis gave me vision of how business functions and where I can position myself.

— Himanshu Gupta


I am Razita Raizada, I completed Diploma in Business Level – 7 from Linguis international institute.
My overall experience at Linguis was awesome, since the first moment I came to Linguis I saw a lot of energy and enthusiasm at Linguis. The faculty and the staff at this institution are highly qualified, experienced and approachable. They make sure students get the help they need. Linguis pays a lot of attention towards the friendly environment for their students, they also do many recreational activities like group discussions, student of the month and give away other awards to motivate them. Instructors helped me beyond words I must say. I really believe its a privilege to be a part of this institute and I am so proud that I made this decision of coming to Linguis. I have some awesome memories of this institute to cherish it for life time. Now my approach towards life is better. Thank you so much Linguis for providing a degree which means a lot to me. Linguis is the Best.

— Razita Raizada


For me Success has always been a main goal in my life and in order to fulfill this goal I knew it was essential for me to enter in to a field that I am passionate for and obtain a job that I love doing. The Level 7 Business program offered at Linguis has given me the opportunity to reach this significant goal. As a graduate student enrolled in this program I have acquired various work skills which are essential to have in today’s competitive job market.
I have had many ups and down during my study at Linguis Institute but I have always concentrated on my goals. As a result I overcame from this and today I am working with a well reputed and one of the biggest construction & engineering major in New Zealand in their finance team.
The job is extremely challenging and I have had to cope with a fair bit of pressure stemming from both the nature of the job and having to constantly prove myself in this profession.
I am really grateful for the support I received from some of the staff at Linguis.

—Mark Gupta


My name is Prabhjot kaur Chauhan, I was a student of Business Diploma of Level 7 at Linguis International Institute in Christchurch. I had a remarkable experience at Linguis. Although, I enrolled for just one year but it was a fruitful journey for me. At Linguis, the academic challenges enhance my knowledge, improve my writing style, communication skills and exposure with other international students as well as staff.

When I first enrolled at Linguis I was so nervous on how I will finish my course and do my assignments. But, all my nervousness gone when I met with my tutor David Lemon. He is a very good person and has great knowledge of business. He helped me a lot in my struggling time with my assignments. Other administrator members are also very helpful or co-operative specially marketing manager Anirudh he guided me lot during my study time whether it is personal problem or my academic problem.

During my second term, I got new tutor Dr.Lingam. It was also a great time for me to learn new things. He got new teaching method or high expectation of assignments from me. So I learned new method of doing assignments with Dr.Lingam cooperation. I also enjoyed time in my class, all my classmates are very good and helpful. This was great opportunity for me to learn new things about Chinese culture, Colombian culture or Kiwi culture.

Overall, it was a great time for me and very productive. I finished my course on time and achieve good results and established healthy relationship with all staff members.

—Prabhjot Kaur Chauhan


My name is Tina Chan. Currently, I am studying National Diploma in Business Level 6 at Linguis International Institute. I have just finish my study of National Diploma in Business Level 5. I love my college in all aspects.

First of all, because of teachers who always encouraged my learning and curiosity. As they all are highly qualified and professionals in their job, and encourage students to develop study and business skills.

Also, I’ve met a lot of friends from other countries and cultures to share experience with them.
It has been a great experience in my life and I am looking forward many more experience in Level 6 . Thanks a lot to all of my teachers for their hard-work and patience.

I love New Zealand!

—Tina Hing Ka Chan